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FY 2017 - 2018 Officers
  • President - Terry (Will) Newman
  • 1st Vice President - Wedmay Lao
  • 2nd Vice President - vacant
  • Secretary - Connie Vong
  • Treasurer - Vicky Thanasankid
LAMAAA Mission

To develop members and assist them acquire the necessary skills to promote themselves towards better positions and responsibilities.

To promote and perpetuate the prestige and professional status of municipal accountants and auditors.

To assist each other and develop professional camaraderie, team spirit and cooperation among its members.

To develop and improve educational techniques in management, commercial, proprietary, governmental accounting and auditing.

LAMAAA Benefits

LAMAAA offers one-hour monthly training session equivalent to one hour of continuing professional education (CPE) credit. The annual conference around May of each year offers eight hours of educational updates by famous speakers. At the monthly training sessions, you will hear the captains of the industry or the Chief Accountants speak. This is a way to stay abreast of changes in the accounting/auditing field. LAMAAA is a great place to network with people in our field. LAMAAA provides newsletters and websites with invaluable information on up-to-date issues and developments in our specific field of interest. So join LAMAAA and enjoy the new experience and discover a new world.


Linda Granados


Linda Granados



April 24, 2014


On behalf of the Los Angeles Municipal Association of Accountants and Auditors (LAMAAA), a 250 strong membership, it would be our honor to invite you to attend and support the General Assembly meeting on TUESDAY, May 13, 2014 from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. at the Ronald Deaton Auditorium, LAPD Headquarters, 100 W. First St. Los Angeles, 90012.
LAMAAA is a 53 year old organization, conceived by City accountants and auditors since 1961. We are going to discuss the future of LAMAAA, its revival, the Annual One Day training scheduled in July, 2014 and the search for a new set of FY 2014-2015 officers.
The LA economic picture has improved. It is time for LAMAAA to commence operations after a three year hiatus, caused by the mass exodus of approximately 60-80 accountants and auditors, who retired in 2011. Those who remained were saddled with increased workload and did not have time for extracurricular activities such as volunteering to become a LAMAAA officer. As a result, after a citywide search for the next LAMAAA President, there were no takers.
On January 29, 2014, LAMAAA held its first meeting of the year attended by eleven out of nineteen Department Chief Accountants who welcome the revival of LAMAAA. Towards the end of the meeting, we welcomed a special guest, LA City Controller, Mr. Ron Galperin who threw in his support behind LAMAAA.
There has never been a better time for LAMAAA to return to its mission and get back to work!
I encourage your participation in LAMAAA, and look forward in hearing and sharing ideas for the future of municipal accountants and auditors.
Free lunch will be provided.
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If you have questions, please call me at 213.485.3108. Thank you


Linda Granados